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A Face Lift In A Patch

Created as an effective solution to treat common skincare problems, the dEpPatch is a hands-free micro current patch that enhances results in a way no other facial mask can.

Reusable, hands free, non-invasive. Made in the USA. Paired with specially formulated all-natural serums.

Rejuvenate and discover the dEpPatch you.

Patented technology you won’t discover anywhere else.


All Natural Serums

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How To Use


dEpPatch is designed to be easy to use and hands-free. Internal batteries create a gentle, non-invasive micro-current charge when the patches come in contact with your skin. Simply apply to your skin after cleansing and applying our specially formulated Vitamin C Serum. Wear for 30-60 minutes, place back in re-usable pouch and Voila!

Skip your next spa appointment and make it now, from the comfort of your own home.