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Brighten Tired Eyes

before and after photo of woman under eye after using deppatch under eye sheet mask under eye patch under eye hydrogel
woman results with less wrinkles and dark circles after using deppatch
woman results under the eye after wearing deppatch with noticeably less puffy under eye

"Love this product, extremely unique, beautifully designed, the vitamin c and whitening serums are amazing! I have used 7 times and really am impressed with the micro current delivery system, it feels relaxing, very subtle and I can see a difference . The skin under/around my eyes is more hydrated/ brighter. Using the system helped with puffyness when I travelled and was sleep deprived. I will get at least 12 uses."


Amazon Customer

May 24 2018

"I have to say, this is a top notch product for me... I love being able to reuse things like that [the deluxe box]. When I first put the eye patches on... you can actually feel that this product is working. When I put the full face mask on I got a tingling sensation... I can actually feel it working and I like the tingly feeling because I know it's working!"


MrKongsMom (Melanie)

Jun 11 2015

"The difference between this product and any other device on the market is in the application of a medically proven technology to effectively transport high potency negatively charged antioxidant vitamins into the skin for optimum improvement in the appearance of skin texture, tone, wrinkles and abmornal skin pigmentation. This product was developed and tested at the Gateway Aesthetic Insitute for more than one year and on more than 1000 volunteers before being released for marketing."


Dr Mark Taylor

Salt Lake City, UT

Firmer, Radiant Skin

woman results after wearing deppatch with melasma
woman results after wearing deppatch with melasma
woman results after wearing deppatch with melasma