Liquid Gold 20% Vitamin C Night Repair Serum


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Move over skincare from the past. A new vitamin C serum is here.

Full of only the good stuff, and packaged in an airless pump for the best serum quality possible.


  • A UNIQUE VITAMIN C: Our 20% Vitamin C is a specially derived form of Vitamin C that occurs when it is hydrolyzed. It is more stable and is continuously absorbed into the skin compared to traditional Vitamin C. A more powerful, higher quality Vitamin C derivative for better results.
  • VITAMIN C, A+E: A powerful antioxidant combination that reduces the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation and promotes healthy young skin. The combination of 20% Vitamin C with a touch of vitamins A + E work together to give you the most youthful skin possible. Vitamins A + E enhance the natural properties of vitamin C to boost results and provide stunning glowing skin.
  • SERUM FORM FOR BETTER RESULTS: In serum form, it penetrates deeper than other vitamin c formulations. Our formulation is a powerful solution to dark spots, aging skin, hyperpigmentation and melasma. Reduce signs of aging while enhancing the luminosity of your skin. Packaged in an airless pump, our Vitamin C serum will not deteriorate in quality because it is not exposed to oxygen or light. Boosts and assists in collagen formation for firmer skin.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our Vitamin C formulation is made in the USA from only natural, high-quality professional ingredients. dEpPatch is trusted by skincare professionals and doctors as a powerful dark spot, hyperpigmentation and anti-aging solution. Our products contain no sulfates or parabens and are never tested on animals.


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Good by not a mircale.

I ordered this product for normal aging issues including lightening of dark spots (as described). It is a good Serum that feels nice and no distracting smell or anything, but I haven't noticed a dramatic improvement or lightening of age spots.


Feels fresh and bright. Elimates dark spots caused by sun.

I originally bought my wife a smaller size of this product. She loved it so much she asked me to post her review-- "This product has made my skin look so fresh! I use it every day and I can say that the anti-aging properties are working because my skin is now healthier looking and more toned. I never had a huge amount of wrinkles but my fine line wrinkles have almost disappeared altogether. I love that it has not only 20% vitamin C in it, but also vitamins A and E, it�s the best thing for your skin. Maybe that's why this serum is different than other vitamin C serums I�ve tried. It feels rich and luxurious when you apply it but it also absorbs really fast so it doesn't take a lot of time putting it on, whether in the morning before I go to work or at night before I go to bed.I have very sensitive skin and this causes me no problems at all but makes my skin feel and look brighter and tighter and my face feels so much smoother. Plus, since it�s made in the USA I feel safer using it." Now I bought her the larger size and she still gets the same results from the product but at a much lower cost. The dark sun spots on her face have literally gone away and her color looks the same all over her face now!

Joseph P McEnaney

Excellent Cream

My daughter and I have tried this and the other spot cream they have been our favorite of different creams we have tried.. she likes this vitaman c cream. we are going to try the mask next. we will continue to use this cream...


I hope it works

I like the ingredients, but it is super sticky on the skin - even after I apply moisturizer. I will not re-order.



Love this stuff! I didn�t realize it was only for night time night, so after I figure that out LOL I am absolutely in love with it! It leaves my face feeling a little stiff which is wonderful for gathering less wrinkles at night while I sleep. I noticed a nice improvements in skin texture, wrinkles and fine lines. Love it!